Slugs & Snails - the original boy's and girl's tights company.

Luxury for Little Legs

Slugs & Snails was born on a windy hill in the wild West of Ireland where one little family realised how functional tights were for their baby boy and set about starting a company that made funky, organic tights for all kids, big and small.

Slugs & Snails was three years in development and proudly launched in 2011 as the first company dedicated to unisex tights for kids.

Drop tights

Since its birth, Slugs & Snails has grown to become     an internationally recognised, award winning, eco   friendly childrenswear brand.

 Slugs & Snails products are famous for their quirky   gender neutral designs, which last and last, season on   season, offering both superb value for money and a   welcome break away from kids clothes that are overly   disposable.

But it’s not just about design, Slugs are also all about quality and comfort.
Our tights are made from a luxurious organic cotton which is flexible and soft. Because organic cotton isn't overly processed, it's super soft but very hard wearing and durable.
Slugs only use yarns and manufacturing processes which have a minimum standard Oeko-Tex® 100 certified as well as GOTS certified organic cotton yarns, we have no also introduced recycled polyester into our tights with patterns which gives us a really high eco rating and gives you confidence that our products are free of any harmful substances or chemicals, safeguarding your child’s health and the environment.
We strive to produce in facilities that are highly regulated and audited to make sure production and working practices are safe, certified and environmentally friendly.